Thursday through Sunday, I’ll be at the 2008 Public Choice meetings for the first time since I became a dad. Reviewing the schedule, here’s what stands out to me:

  • Mitchell, Matt — Justices, Presidents and Nominations: A Public Choice Model of Supreme Court Nominations
  • Ryan, Matt E. and Russell S. Sobel — Wrongful Convictions, District Attorneys and Elections
  • Jones, Garett — Cognitive Skills and Economic Institutions
  • Belova, Eugenia and Paul Gregory — “Hang Them All”: Political Economy of Crime and Punishment under Stalin
  • Carden, Art — Did Jim Crow Lead the Mob? Institutions, Violence, and Wages, 1882–1930
  • Berggren, Niclas — Choosing One’s Own Informal Institutions: On Hayek’s Critique of Keynes’s Immoralism
  • Laband, David N., Ram Pandit, Anne M. Laband, and John P. Sophocleus — Patriotism, Pigskins, and Politics: An Empirical Examination of Expressive Behavior and Voting
  • Lawson, Robert A. and J. R. Clark — Examining the Hayek-Friedman Hypothesis on Economic and Political Freedom
  • Randall G. Holcombe — Presidential Address – Why Does Government Produce National Defense?
  • Dean, Andrea and Peter T. Leeson — The Domino Theory: An Empirical Investigation

If you’re attending, please introduce yourself – you’re sure to find me at Friday’s plenary session. And if you think the perfect way to complete a day of nerdy seminars is a evening of nerdy gaming, email me!