Concerning polling results on the issue of global warmaing, Andrew Gelman writes,

Among college grads, there is a big partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans. Among non-graduates, the differences are smaller. This is completely consistent with research that shows that people with more education are on average more politically polarized…Basically, higher educated Democrats are more partisan Democrats, and higher educated Republicans are more partisan Republicans. On average, educated people are more tuned in to politics and more likely to align their views with their political attitudes.

This is consistent with Critical Review editor Jeffrey Friedman’s model of “two forms of ignorance.” The masses lack interest/information, so their minds are not made up. The elites are informed, but they have dogmatic views reinforced by confirmation bias.

The question to ask someone on either side of the global warming debate is this:

***What new information might cause you to change your mind?***

Pointer (without additional commentary) from Tyler Cowen.