The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (I’m as big a fan as Tyler Cowen and Seth Roberts) has a great story on the last 25 years’ best 25 innovations in entertainment technology. You need to subscribe for the full story, but here’s EW’s list.

The greatest insight in the article: Business models are technology. Napster’s #2, Youtube’s #5, and Myspace #11. Netflix (#16) and Amazon (#19) make the list too, though it’s absurd to leave them out of the top 10.

Reviewing this list tempts me to declare the last quarter century of entertainment innovation the all-time best. Sure, you could say that the introduction of television was a bigger deal. But that objection defines technology too narrowly. It took decades to actually get a lot of high-quality shows on t.v. Until then, this now-amazing innovation was just an idiot box.