My earlier post elicited some responses denying that free-market liberalism is an oxymoron. My view is that modern liberalism is an ideology of government expansion. Let me re-iterate that the ideology of government expansionism invokes the following:

1. X is a crisis.
2. Collective action through government is necessary to solve X.
3. Collective action through government is sufficient to solve X.
4. Government needs more power in order to solve X.

If you are a modern liberal, can you name a sector of the economy where this does not apply? Are any of the four statements above false for any major industry?

If I was attacking a straw man, I would be happy to be corrected.

Addendum: The first 10 comments failed to address the question. So let me make it simpler. Fill in the blank, “I believe that the ____ industry does pretty well on its own. We need no more regulation or government subsidy that we have today, and perhaps even less.”