I humbly submit that The Painted Veil contains the most amazing scene of gender conflict ever filmed.  Watch the scene on Youtube, and tell me I’m wrong – and give your alternate selection while you’re at it. 

While you’re watching the scene, count how many logically distinct (but often contradictory) arguments Kitty packs into a four minute conversation with her husband, Walter:

1. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

2. Mistakes were made, but let’s not make this any worse.

3. If you were a gentleman, you’d take the blame.

4. We didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

5. We’re sick of sneaking around!

6. It’s your fault that I don’t love you.

7. Assumption of risk: You knew about all my flaws when you married me.

Then see the sucker bet that Walter offers Kitty: I’ll quietly divorce you if your lover agrees to divorce his wife and marries you. 

I wish I’d written this!