Andrew Sullivan passes along an accusation from somebody named James Wolcott that I made a racist reference to President Obama at an event co-sponsored by the Heritage foundation.

The event was taped, and I hope that Heritage will post the video. Here is what I remember saying:

I complained about Henry Paulson’s $700 billion bailout, and I said that I felt as a taxpayer as if my house had been ransacked by a gang of thugs. I then said that we have a new gang of thugs, and there I was referring to the Obama Administration, although I did not cite the President by name.

Neither Wolcott nor Sullivan has a place on their blog to post comments, so I could not respond to their accusations. However, I hereby ask them to issue a correction.

On the other hand, if Henry Paulson is black, then I apologize for my clueless insensitivity.

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