I have long been a fan, at a distance, of Jane Orient, who has carried on a years-long battle against government regulation of health care. (I note, though, that I have never seen her state her opposition to government licensing of doctors, which, as Milton Friedman noted decades ago, keeps the price of doctors’ services higher than otherwise.)

Given that she and I share a passionate belief in economic freedom, I was surprised by her letter to the April issue of The Freeman. In it, she took issue with my case against energy independence but on the way, showed her own ambivalence about foreign investment in the United States. Check out her letter and my answer.

On rereading her letter, I realize that I let something pass that I shouldn’t have. She seems to be saying that those who use dollars to buy goods are defrauding people. I use dollars every day. I bet many of you do too. Is she really saying that we’re frauds?