On tonight’s 20/20 on ABC, John Stossel will, yet again, throw himself into controversial issues. I think he’s the most economically literate news person on any of the networks.

On The O’Reilly Factor earlier this week, Bill O’Reilly interviewed Stossel and asked him if he liked having people hate him. I loved John’s answer. He said words to the effect, “No, I want to persuade them.”

My wife marvels at times at how I can handle attacks with equanimity when I’m pushing my views and how I can even continue to like (some) people who question my character. It’s because I’m like Stossel: these issues matter so much to me. I’m positive that if my views were followed, almost everyone would be better off and we would, to take just one measure, have many fewer people in prison. So having people call me unpatriotic, selfish, or stupid just doesn’t matter that much. Moreover, if that’s all they’ve got, I’m probably making progress.