Michael Lewis cribs from Alice Schroeder’s biography.

He seems always to have been something of a physical and emotional coward. He is actually less wary in his financial life than he is outside of it. He avoids social conflict, unless there is money on the line, and also all sorts of new experiences. His long-time partner Charlie Munger likes to call Buffett a “learning machine,” but there are whole swaths of human activity he actively resists learning anything at all about, such as the entire high-tech industry. He confines himself to the diet of an eight-year-old, refusing to eat anything much beyond spaghetti, hamburgers, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Naturally, Tyler Cowen’s antennae vibrate at this. Tyler would think in terms of the autistic spectrum. Also, compare the description that I quoted of a five on the enneagram. Tyler’s book on this personality type is still several weeks from release.