My wife and I watch the Fox News Channel more than any other channel. It’s not because we agree with everything, or even most of what, they say. My main reasons are twofold:
(1) They bring up issues that the other networks simply don’t talk about, some of which I care about a lot, and
(2) They often have an irreverent sense of humor that’s refreshing, especially in this age of Obama worship.

(We also often switch between Fox and MSNBC when Rachel Maddow’s on because, even though she often shows a fairly cruel sense of humor, she also has a no-BS, dig-into-the-facts attitude.)

Two bizarre things happened the last two nights on Sean Hannity’s show that are just crying out for comment. The first doesn’t involve economics; the second does.

On Wednesday night, Hannity showed Vice-President Joe Biden so that he could make fund of Biden the way he likes to do with his “liberal translation.” Usually, the humor is pretty low-brow and doesn’t hit the target, but Biden presented an amazing target that Hannity didn’t even aim at. Biden was talking about how in the Senate room in which he was speaking, he had presided over the confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas for Justice of the Supreme Court. While saying it, Biden smiled and unmistakably made the sign of the cross. I thought for sure that Hannity would comment on this, but he didn’t. Bizarre.

On Thursday night, Hannity took aim at his favorite target, Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs. A reporter had asked Gibbs to name countries that had successful national health care systems. Gibbs said that he couldn’t name them. Hannity focused on this. Sounds fine until you see what Hannity and his two guest commentators missed. Directly after saying that he couldn’t name those countries, he stated:

I don’t think the President’s going too far out on a limb to say that some people in those countries have the health care system they like just as Americans like the health care system they have. (emphasis in original)

Americans like the health care system they have? I don’t know if that’s true or false: how do you generalize about 300 million people? But what’s striking is that Gibbs thinks Obama thinks it’s true. What’s this health care reform all about again? Strikingly, both Hannity, his two guests, and the Heritage blogger who posted on it all missed it. One commenter on the Heritage site, Charles from Virginia, did catch it though. I think that Hannity is just set to find the most obvious thing he can disagree with when it involves Obama or his other political enemies and doesn’t actually think.

On Thursday night’s The O’Reilly Factor, Megan Kelly, a lawyer whom I often agree with, expressed outrage at the lenient sentence given to NFL player Dante Stallworth. Stallworth had gotten drunk and killed a pedestrian. He was sentenced to only 30 days in prison, two years of home confinement, eight years of probation, and a lifetime prohibition on driving. Kelly was outraged that he wasn’t given more prison time. But she herself pointed out that the family of the man killed favored this sentence because Stallworth had made an undisclosed cash settlement with them. She found the sentence unjust. I think it was profoundly just. Stallworth didn’t hurt “society.” He killed a particular man and he compensated the man’s survivors enough that they favored the leniency. Justice is a matter of making it up to the people you hurt. No amount of money can bring this man back to life. But no amount of prison time can either. How would it be more just to make him go to prison when the survivors of the man he killed don’t want that? Far too many people, including Kelly, think justice in the case of such a death necessarily involves prison.

One could argue that Stallworth is a danger to society if he gets drunk in the future and gets behind a wheel. Got it covered. Remember the lifetime prohibition on driving.