He seems to accept my diagnosis.

The average health-care coverage for the average family now costs $13,375, according to Kaiser…

About 160 million Americans receive health coverage through their employers. In general, the employer picks up 73 percent of the tab. This seems like a good deal. In reality, that money comes out of wages. ..

Virtually no one cuts a $13,375 check for health care. Most pay 27 percent of it, or even less. The surest way to cut health-care spending would be to make people shoulder more of the burden directly, as opposed to hiding it in taxes and lost wages.

The last sentence is my book, Crisis of Abundance, standing on one foot. But Ezra goes on to say that nothing like what I propose is politically feasible, so the best thing we can do is hand health care policy over to wonks who will do a few central-planning type things to try to cut costs. Basically, to paraphrase Mencken, the people seem to like socialized health systems, and we need to give the people what they want, good and hard.