I always defer to Robin’s knowledge of the natural sciences.  So what am I do to when he replies thusly to my virtual reality post?

There are roughly 1057 atoms in our solar system, and about 1070
atoms in our galaxy, which holds most of the mass within a million
light years.  So even if we had access to all the matter within a
million light years, to grow by a factor of 10200, each atom would on average have to support an economy equivalent to 10140 people at today’s standard of living, or one person with a standard of living 10140 times higher, or some mix of these.

I’ll reply with a hypothetical, naturally.  Here goes:

Suppose the universe contains one person and one really good virtual reality machine.  In this virtual reality, the universe’s sole inhabitant is a god.  Whatever he thinks, happens.  Question for Robin: As long as this person regards virtual reality as a good substitute for actual reality, why shouldn’t we say that his standard of living is not just 10140 times greater than ours, but infinitely greater than ours?