Quick reply to two interesting comments:

John Jenkins writes:

the average suicide bomber make the decision to commit suicide more
than 1-2 years in advance? If not (and I would guess that “no” is the
right answer), then doesn’t their conclusion hold?

People rarely decide to become suicide bombers overnight.  It’s hard to believe that the lag between the time you seriously consider becoming a terrorist and the time you actually blow yourself up is less than 1-2 years.  Does anyone familiar with the 9/11 case know how long it took them to move from theory to practice?

Lord writes:

Since the intent of suicide bombing is murder, it should fall under the criminal activities clause.

I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell this exclusion mainly applies to accidental death policies.  Still, whatever the law says, it is hard to see a jury ruling against an insurance company that refused to pay a terrorist’s family, so in practice you might be right.