Ben Casnocha is the first to write a review. An excerpt:

This is a book for people interested in economics first, entrepreneurship second, and globalization third. It’s a book for people looking for contemporary insight on the ideas of people like Hayek, Drucker, Schump[e]ter, and Smith.

Note that while the ideas of those four may permeate our book, it would be wrong to suggest that our book is the place to go if you want to study Hayek, Drucker, Schumpeter, or Smith. For better or worse, we scarcely mention them. With that caveat, I think that Casnocha’s review is informative, which of course means that it is far from unfriendly.

You can buy the book here. At the moment, it is not selling as well as Going Rogue, but this is only the first week of competition between the two.

Tyler Cowen gave our book a rating of self-recommending, which he elsewhere defines as

the very nature of the authors and project suggest it will be good or very good. This also often (but not always) means I haven’t read it yet. I am reluctant to recommend *anything* I haven’t read, but I am signaling it is very likely recommendation-worthy and I wish to let you know about it sooner rather than later.

He has not said as much about Going Rogue.

[UPDATE On Tuesday, Jonah Goldberg wrote ,

A new book co-authored by my buddy Nick Schulz (editor of The American) and Arnold Kling is out today. Pick it up with Going Rogue.

Maybe Amazon will recommend the two together.]

[UPDATE 2. Michael Barone writes,

When I got it I just intended to skim it, but found I couldn’t put it down.