Even if I favored Obama’s move towards socialized medicine, I’d still be repulsed by the bribes and opportunism of the legislation designed to take us there.  I can see the appeal of coercing for a pure cause.  I can’t see is the appeal of coercing for a cause full of corrupt bargains that no one would privately defend with a straight face.  Random example:
Other revisions take aim at insurance industry margins and taxes, including a cap on profits.

insurers would see a delay to the bulk of new taxes and now they would
be phased-in over time. The amendment dropped the bill’s controversial
tax on elective cosmetic surgery but added a 10 percent tax on indoor
tanning, a potential cause of cancer.

When people like me defend human cloning, Leon Kass laments, “Shallow are the souls that have forgotten how to shudder.”  What baffles me: How can people who shudder at  new ways to create human life yawn at the Jungle-esque DC sausage factory?