Denationalize Housing Finance is a slogan I could get behind. The essay, by David Oedel and Ed Pinto, is timely and important.

An update on the sovereign debt crisis in Europe. I know that the Senate and the mainstream media would be shocked to hear me say this, but what is going in Greece and elsewhere could turn out to be more significant than the Goldman ABACUS deal.

Nature, Nurture, and Noise. Makes the point that traits can be innate without being strictly genetic.

Hard Problems in the Social Sciences. I like what Nick Bostrom did.

challenged the academic community to identify the biggest fallacies that are accepted as common knowledge today, and highlighted past misconceptions that were once universally believed

The whole thing makes for stimulating reading. Mark Thoma, who recommended this, also recommends following the link to the online continuation of the discussion (but I have not done that).