They are leaving Cato, and bloggers are gossiping. Here is my $.02:

1. I get paid by the piece writing for Cato occasionally, and they give me the title “adjunct scholar.” But I have no office or salary there. I have not communicated with Brink, Will, or anyone from Cato about the changes of employer.

2. When I worked for large organizations, I never observed a personnel change that was truly driven by policy direction. Personality conflicts were always the main factor. I used to say, “Never ascribe to strategic calculation that which can be attributed to corporate soap opera.”

3. Based on my experience, I recommend being driven out of positions because of personality conflicts. Some of my best career moves came about that way. Your mileage may vary.

4. Republican exploitation of the Ground Zero Mosque controversy is giving me a fresh appreciation of liberaltarianism.

5. What is to become of Cato Unbound? That was mostly Will’s project (Brink did a lot to get it started), and it provided many stimulating pieces. Robin Hanson on slashing health care, for example. Bryan Caplan on the myth of the rational voter, for another.

6. One of Brink’s talents was the ability to spot smart people with interesting ideas. His loss may hurt more than you might expect.