$5 for 4 eggs

On Monday, August 2, I was at my cottage and wanted to make a special breakfast for my cousin and his wife that morning and the next morning. I needed an additional 4 eggs. The problem: it was the end of Canada’s August long weekend and the odds that any of the small stores at Minaki would still have eggs were close to zero. Just in case, I went to the Minaki Marina and, sure enough, they were out of eggs. So I walked to Paradise Bay and they were out. I was desperate. I walked out of the Paradise Bay store and saw a bunch of fishermen standing around talking to owner Duane Hell. They were presumably staying at the various cabins nearby. How to coax 4 eggs out of people? Make it worth their while. So I pulled out a $5, held it up, and yelled, “I’ll pay someone $5 for 4 eggs.” The fishermen looked at me quizzically. But Duane Hell said, “Go to my cabin and ask my wife.” So I walked over to his cabin, knocked on the door, and told his wife the situation. She invited me in and I got to see one of the nicest residences in Minaki. She gave me 4 eggs and, of course, refused to take the money. (Duane is an entrepreneur and I’m guessing he would have taken the money.) Later that day, I saw Duane, thanked him, and said, “I’m going into Kenora tomorrow. What’s your favorite wine?” “A twelve pack of diet Pepsi,” he answered. I delivered it to him the next day. And I made the two breakfasts.