Nick Schulz links to a post by Tino that makes the point that in spite of much lower tax rates, the U.S. government collects more tax revenue per capita than do European governments. If all else were equal, this would be a Laffer-curve story. However, it is unfair, in that to the extent that U.S. GDP per capita is higher for reasons other than tax rates, we start out with the ability to collect more taxes per capita from the same rates.

But this comment by Tino is fair.

At one point, Bartlett was on the right. But people occasionally change ideology…
Ezra Klein knows this perfectly well, and is therefore quite dishonest in classifying Bartlett as on the “right”.

Seriously. If we are going to label people ideologically on the basis of where they were in 1980, then Klein should be referring to me as being on the “left.”