Russ Roberts points to an interesting article on the decentralized organization of the tea party. I could not find much in Montgomery County, Maryland, where Russ and I live.

Yesterday, I voted in our Democratic primary. I voted for any candidate who, in their answers to the League of Women Voters questionnaire, used the words “budget” or “fiscal responsibility.” All of my candidates finished last.

The Montgomery County teachers’ union successfully purged its one target incumbent, replacing her with one of those guys who has been running for every office since he was in pre-school. His campaign literature proudly displayed the endorsement of the teachers’ union and other special interests.

I haven’t heard any county officials say that they have any experience with meeting a private sector payroll. I would be interested to see a projection of the proportion of the county budget that will be going for health benefits and pensions for retired county workers in 2020. I’ll bet it’s so large that the county, which is one of the 10 wealthiest in the nation, will be asking for a Federal bailout by then.