This is from an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. The “he” referred to is John Pistole. [Ayn Rand was accused of overdoing it when she used less-obvious names for villains.]

“If you have two planes, one where people are thoroughly and properly screened and the other where people could opt out of screening, which would you want to be on?” he asked.

He makes it sound as if we have a choice. That would be wonderful. If we had a choice, I would choose the latter. But Pistole is toying with us. TSA does not give us that choice. Even better, for reasons I laid out briefly here, would be to have no TSA and let airlines choose what level and kind of security to offer.

To his credit, one Southwest Airlines executive was fairly blunt about what is going on:

“With people getting partially molested at checkpoints, all that is going to be a real shock for them,” said Greg Wells, senior vice president of operations at Southwest Airlines. “TSA will create an issue for us. It’s going to slow things down.”