From Mario Rizzo:

The unreasonableness, or so it seems, of our political culture is, to a large extent, a product of the kind of special interest redistributionist society we have built.

Read the whole thing. My thoughts:

1. I have been troubled by the unreasonableness of political discourse for a long time. Abusive tone is rampant. I have nothing against taking a strong point of view. I have a lot against treating others with contempt.

2. I think that there is a large and growing gap between the knowledge required to execute the progressive vision and the knowledge that actually can be assembled in Washington. I think that this will lead to frustration and vicious political discourse, until power is dispersed in some fashion. In America, it is possible for people of different religions to live peacefully side by side. We need a political structure that makes it possible for libertarians and collectivists to live side by side. We all need to be able to have our Denmark.

George Will calls for Congress to take back some of the authority it has delegated to regulators. Be careful what you wish for. It really is not conceivable that a shift of power from technocrats to legislators would help. Instead, I think that the only solution is to shift power to smaller units of government, and to make it as easy as possible for people to choose the manner they are governed using exit, rather than voice. See Unchecked and Unbalanced.