I mentioned in an earlier post that I had listed, in my book, The Joy of Freedom: An Economist’s Odyssey, five ways you could free your child and other people’s children from government. Here’s what I wrote in 2001:

Just as those who advocated abolishing slavery didn’t have to wait until governments did so, but instead could free their own slaves, you too can free some child slaves.
1. Remove your child from the clutches of government. Send him or her to a private school, either a pricey one or one of the religious schools where tuition typically ranges between $2,000 and $4,000. Or consider home-schooling your child.
2. If you home-school, combine with other home-schoolers to take advantage of division of labor. You might teach six children math while another parent teaches them English. In some states, it’s illegal to teach other parents’ children, which should make you wonder about the motives of the government-schoolers who support that law. If it is illegal in your state, challenge the law⎯see number 5 above. [This refers to an earlier part of the book.] And while you’re challenging the law, it can be a good idea to ignore the law. While doing so, you’ll be teaching your children an eloquent lesson in civil disobedience. We hear so much about Rosa Parks, an ordinary woman in Montgomery, Alabama, who had the courage to break the local law requiring segregation. We need, at least occasionally, to have as much courage as she had.
3. If you don’t have kids, but want to educate people, put out your shingle as a tutor, free-of-charge.
4. If you don’t want to spend your own time, but want kids to get education, donate to another family so that they can send their child to private school.
5. Get your child a computer and that other window on the worldwide web of learning⎯a library card.