Are you tired of having naked pictures taken of you and/or being groped at the airport in this “land of the free,” but still worried about a terrorist hijacking of the airplane you’re on? Is there a way out of this dismal tradeoff? Actually, yes. Bob Murphy tells you how to have more security, more freedom, and more privacy in this month’s Feature Article, “Ensuring–and Insuring–Airline Security.” Here’s one excerpt:

Rather than establishing a giant bureaucracy with the authority to impose a one-size-fits-all protocol for security on all airports, the government could merely require that airlines pay the full costs of another 9/11-type disaster. The government wouldn’t have to oversee the methods that airlines implement to weed out terrorist threats. On the contrary, the government would simply verify that the airlines had the ability to pay huge damages in the wake of an unlikely but catastrophic security breach.