Jason Sorens hails an historic bill to privatize marriage in New Hampshire:

To my knowledge, HB 569
is the first bill ever drafted and introduced in a legislature that
would abolish government marriage licensing. The bill is the brainchild
of libertarian Republican members of the New Hampshire state house.
Currently, New Hampshire has same-sex marriage, but with the current
Republican supermajority in both houses of the legislature, that policy
is in serious jeopardy.


…Democrats are insisting that the bill “abolishes marriage,” because it
calls two-person unions “domestic unions” in the statutes. But since
when did people define their marriage according to statute anyway?

All this suggests an unintended but virtuous spiral of liberty.  Step 1: The law recognizes the right of gays to marry.  Step 2: Rancorous culture war.  Step 3: America privatizes marriage out of sheer exhaustion.

I’m hardly willing to bet on this scenario at even odds, but should I take 10:1 by 2030?