Nicolas Maloberti writes,

since they relax the constraints faced by governments, immigration barriers should be seen as a major contributor in creating the conditions for the perpetuation of the sort of political arrangements that classical liberals resist. If individual sovereignty is to be protected, the sovereignty of the state over a particular territory should not include a prerogative to determine who is to inhabit it.

There are two types of checks on power. Democratic checks are the ability to vote for different people and policies. Market checks are the ability of individuals to choose different systems. In A.O. Hirschman’s famous terminology, voice is the use of the democratic check, while exit is the use of the market check. Exit is much more powerful. What Maloberti is saying is that the key to forcing improvement in government is gaining a better exit option. Do you agree or disagree? Leave your comments at this facebook page, where our host site is experimenting with discussions.