My book’s gotten a lot of feedback recently:

1. Nicole Russell in the Washington Times:

This isn’t your average parenting book spouting psychologist-laden
babble about the inner workings of the human psyche, inherent
selfishness and bearing children. Rather, Mr. Caplan, an economics
professor at George Mason University, is a father of three, including
twins, and he hopes to persuade interested parties that it’s not only
better to have children in the first place, but to have lots, or at
least more than the number you originally were planning to have.

Mr. Caplan methodically and with a surprisingly cheerful, even humorous tone…

2. Nicole Russell again, in the Atlantic:

The secret joy of being a parent, Caplan argues, comes from
understanding the limited liability of parenting. Studies have found
that child-rearing is, if you can believe it, a little overrated. In
surveys of twins raised together and apart, behavioral scientists
consistently found that nature overpowered nurture in almost all
categories, from character and intelligence to happiness and health.
Once you accept that bad parenting won’t always keep your kids from
being great (and good parenting might not make a difference!), it’s
easier to relax and enjoy the state of being a parent.

3. Janice D’Arcy, the Washington Post‘s new parenting blogger:

Called the anti-Tiger mom
by many in the press, his data-heavy argument is that nurture counts
for very little in child-rearing. Our generation should relax our
standards for ourselves and our children. Instead, kick back and enjoy
parenting more and, this is the book-selling line: Have more children.

4. Nick Schulz interviews me for The American for Mother’s Day.