From a news report:

A long-simmering movement by liberal stalwarts in southern Arizona to break away from the rest of the largely conservative state is at a boiling point as secession backers press to bring their longshot ambition to the forefront of Arizona politics.

Maybe I should donate to this cause. Secession is a really good thing, and we need to remove the stigma that associates it with slavery.

At the very least, we should take on those Arizona Republicans who are taking a knee-jerk stance against the secession proposal. If Republicans living in southern Arizona feel badly about living in a liberal state, then they should carve out their own mini-state and secede themselves. We need to get to the point where you can secede with just a small territory, or even secede into a virtual territory. When secession fails to make people happy, the best solution is more secession.

Long live Baja Arizona!