If I could ask Amy Chua one question, I’d start by quoting two passages from Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

In Passage #1, Chua describes her in-laws’ parenting style:

As parents, Sy and Florence were determined to give their children the space and freedom they had been deprived of as children.  They believed in individual choice and valued independence, creativity, and questioning authority.

In Passage #2, Chua evaluates her mother-in-law’s parenting style – and by extension her father-in-law’s as well:

I didn’t mock her, I thought to myself indignantly.  I was just protecting my daughters from a romanticized model of child-rearing doomed to failure.

My question for Chua: How can you possibly describe this model of child-rearing as “doomed to failure”?  This is the very parenting style Sy and Florence used to raise your own husband, Jed Rubenfeld.  And he grew up to be a Yale law professor and a best-selling author, just like you! 

You were raised by strict Asian parents; Jed was raised by liberal Western parents; and you’re both hugely successful academics and authors.  Who would have thunk it?  Me.