The Chronicle reports,

The best way to eliminate grade inflation is to take professors out of the grading process: Replace them with professional evaluators who never meet the students, and who don’t worry that students will punish harsh grades with poor reviews. That’s the argument made by leaders of Western Governors University, which has hired 300 adjunct professors who do nothing but grade student work.

Read the whole article, which includes many of the arguments made in my business proposal.

A commenter on Google+, where I have been posting links to my blogging on education, had mentioned Western Governors. I looked them up on the Web, and I see that reviews are decidedly mixed.

Keep in mind, however, that Western Governors draws a very different clientele than Harvard. My goal in A Means A is to see whether you can improve education among those who are clearly college-capable. My impression is that Western Governors deals with a lot of students who have not necessarily proven themselves college capable. My guess is that if Harvard were dealing with a similar mix of students, its reviews would be decidedly mixed, also.