Bryan Caplan has already blogged about the debate between Paul Krugman and Steve Landsburg. I have nothing to add to the substantive issue debated. But I do have four things to add:
1. Notice that Krugman, in a later post, to his credit, admits Landsburg’s point.
2. Notice also that Landsburg graciously accepts Krugman’s concession.
3. Read through, on both Landsburg posts, all of Steve’s responses to various commenters. Steve is fair and accepting. This is Steve Landsburg at his best and it reminds me of Milton Friedman at his best.
4. Read through the comments on Krugman’s second post. I got through the first 25. See if you can find any of them acknowledging that Krugman had conceded Landsburg’s point. I’m not saying none of the first 25 saw it; I’m saying that none of the first 25 saw fit to say, even in a sentence, that Landsburg had won the debate on the big issue.

See here for Steve Landsburg’s recap.