Megan McArdle writes,

The administration was supposed to have the economic dream team. Couldn’t they have spared a moment to sit down with the folks at DOE and explain the concept of sunk costs?

This is why everyone has to read The Best and the Brightest, by David Halberstam. My take-away from that book is that the most dangerous thing you can have is a “dream team” in government. Energy Secretary Chu is the Robert McNamara of this Administration. Except I would guess that Chu has even less ability to doubt himself. Far less ability, in fact. Maybe no ability to doubt himself at all.

I really think that there is a Halberstam book to be written about the Obama Administration’s economic policy. Who could write it? Pethokoukis? Carney? A book came out recently by an author who makes stuff up and is an economic ignoramus. I have no plans to read his book. Or to mention his name. Don’t feed the trolls.