Some of the comments on Bryan’s post about what he is optimistic or pessimistic about motivated me to give a much shorter list. I’ve always thought I was an optimistic person. Then I met Bryan. Still I have a few things. First, the pessimistic ones, though.

1. I think that we will have more TSA attacks on our freedom unrelated to airports. See here for the Amtrak raid and here for the Tennessee surveillance. On a somewhat optimistic note, see here for Amtrak “firing” TSA.

2. I also think that whoever is President of the United States from 2013 to 2017 will purposely kill more Americans abroad without a trial, as President Obama has done.

OK, that’s most of the pessimism.

On the optimistic side, two pessimistic commenters on Bryan’s post made me realize just how optimistic I am.

3. I am optimistic about secure energy sources.

4. Unlike Chris Koresko, I’m optimistic that there will be no nuclear attack anywhere in the world in the next ten years. In fact, I’ll make him a 2/1 bet on that.

5. Finally, I’m optimistic that average living standards in the world and in the United States will be higher in 10 years.