In terms of enjoyment, 2011 has been my favorite year of blogging since I started in late October 2008. In late November I hit 1,000 posts and certainly hope to make it to at least 2,000. I went quickly through many of my posts for the year and here are some of my favorite posts.

The Wonder of Markets:
This one on how well things work in New York.

Book Reviews:
My favorite posts that were critical of the books I reviewed are this one that links to my review of Robert Frank and this one that links to my review of Tyler Cowen’s The Great Stagnation. You can’t do justice to my reviews by reading just the posts, though.
My favorite post that was positive about the author’s basic thesis is this one on my review of Alex Field’s book on technological change in the 1930s.

Disagreements with Other Economists and Economic Bloggers:
Here my favorites are on Bob Barro’s flawed analogy, John Nyman’s non sequitur, Steve Levitt’s deficient Daughter Test, and Megan McArdle’s defense of massive tax increases in Illinois.

Pointing out Where People Agree:
Here I particularly like two: this one showing that Austin Frakt, even though apparently criticizing Ron Paul, really is agreeing with him and this one pointing out where Uwe Reinhardt is agreeing with John Goodman about supply restrictions in health care.

Going After Destructive Regulation:
This one on how the FDA is preventing us from getting even legal, approved drugs.

Going After Bureacrats Who Tell Falsehoods:
This one on California bureaucrat Betty Yee, although I should have also criticized the op/ed editor who let the falsehood through.

My favorite posts for the discussions were this one where I nastily went after David Cay Johnston and then, after seeing his comment, apologized for my tone and this one, where I think not a lot of minds were changed but the quality of the discussion was high. Although I don’t know how to categorize this, I always like connecting Hayek’s local knowledge with relevant stories.

Regrets, I’ve Had A Few, and Here I’ll Mention Two:
I didn’t know enough when I criticized Greg Mankiw on Japan (sorry, Greg) or when I talked about the Federal Reserve’s “Secret Handout.”

Happy New Year, everyone.