I’ve been busy all week teaching an intense course. Thus the hiatus in my blogging.

I took the Charles Murray quiz that Arnold suggested and I scored, depending on the definition of a close friend, either 12 or 13 points out of 20.

I agree with the tenor of Arnold’s criticisms. I have never worked on a factory floor, but, I suspect, given that under 20% of the labor force is in manufacturing and that number has been that way for a few decades, that under 50% of the population has ever worked on a factory floor. I did work my tail off in a nickel mine in northern Canada for a tad over 3 months in 1969, which was the answer that allowed me to say that my body hurt from working on a job.

I didn’t recognize the athlete they showed but I did narrow it down to one of three: I watch ESPN Sports Highlights at least 3 or times a week.

On the Greyhound bus, I nailed it, having traveled almost 10,000 miles in the U.S. and Canada by Greyhound. In the longer version that one of Arnold’s commenters referred to, I nailed it also, having hitchhiked at least 3,000 miles. Also, I attend about 3 Rotary or Kiwanis Clubs a year to give speeches. I highly recommend that activity. In fact, I’m doing so next Thursday. One reason I recommend it, though, does basically support Charles Murray’s point: in graduate school at UCLA, my friend Jack High, who thought I was getting carried away with my rational voter idea, told me that I should attend a Rotary Club and see just how slim the average member’s knowledge of politics and economics is.