Here’s a link that takes you to the video of my appearance on John Stossel’s show last night.

Three comments:
1. One thing that surprised me, when I researched to prep for the “debate,” is how small a percent of Israel’s GDP U.S. foreign aid to Israel is. It’s under 1.5 percent. As I noted, it’s hard to believe that without this aid, Israel would disappear.
2. The Colonel’s last comment was that Iran, by which I assume he meant the Iranian government, has killed Americans. I didn’t know what he was referring to and I didn’t want to ask because that would use up scarce time and I might not get to say anything more myself. So I said something like the following, which got cut: “Colonel, Israel’s government has killed Americans. Have you ever heard of the USS Liberty?”
3. In the “Green Room” beforehand, Colonel Hunt and I hit it off. You will never guess what two guys talked about: shoes. I commented that I liked his shoes because they looked comfortable and I wrote down the brand because I’m always looking for comfortable dress shoes.
Now having watched the segment twice, I see how unanalytic and emotive he is. He didn’t really make an argument.