This is the most pessimistic prediction I’ve seen about how Obamacare will quickly lead to severe rationing of medical care:

The greatest threat to the health-care overhaul might not be the Supreme
Court, which is scheduled to hear challenges to the law next month. Or
the shifting alliances of an election year. In the end, it’s more likely
to be a lack of medical providers. If the law succeeds in extending
health insurance to 32 million more Americans, there won’t be enough
doctors to see them. In fact, the anticipated shortfall of primary-care
providers, by 2015, is staggering: 29,800.

The source: Sarah Kliff, writing on Ezra Klein’s Washington Post blog.

If people were serious about making Obamacare work, I’d expect them to be “going Sputnik” – launching a national crusade to funnel far more smart kids into primary medicine.  I know why I’m against this idea, but why are normal people so apathetic about it?

HT: Tyler