I didn’t want to goad Krugman by quoting Ayn Rand against him.  So I waited for one day to pass.  This passage from Galt’s speech is one of Rand’s best:

“It’s only human,” you cry in
defense of any depravity, reaching the stage of self-abasement where you seek to
make the concept “human” mean the weakling, the fool, the rotter, the
liar, the failure, the coward, the fraud, and to exile from the human race the
hero, the thinker, the producer, the inventor, the strong, the purposeful, the
pure–as if “to feel” were human, but to think were not, as if to fail were
human, but to succeed were not, as if corruption were human, but virtue were
not–as if the premise of death were proper to man, but the premise of life
were not.

I’d rather make the same point with humor rather than anger.  But unseemly anger doesn’t make you wrong.