The Yale Alumni Magazine has this:

In the early decades of the twentieth century, eugenics “fell squarely in the mainstream of scientific and popular culture,” according to Yale history professor Daniel Kevles, author of the 1985 book In the Name of Eugenics. Theodore Roosevelt popularized the term “race suicide,” for what he saw as the dwindling of the old Anglo-American stock, and the young Winston Churchill advocated sterilization and labor camps for “mental defectives.” Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger decried the proliferation of “human weeds,” while progressive reformer Havelock Ellis thought that getting the reproductive choices right would require the sexual liberation of women.

Pointer from Arts and Letters Daily. Tyler Cowen also noticed it. Read the whole thing. Irving Fisher is the focus of the article. Good for the Yale Alumni magazine for printing it. That eugenics was part of the progressive agenda is one of the most heavily-airbrushed features of history.