Noahpinion has a great send-up of the people who comment frequently on blogs. It leads with, guess what? Libertarians. And the primary blog for libertarians is–you guessed it–our very own Econlog.

The one on libertarians is hilarious, as are the others.

Here are, in italics, the five characteristics he gives for libertarians, with my comments on each:

Favorite dead economist: Milton Friedman

Will appear in response to posts regarding: Trade, the environment, third-world labor, patents, immigration, education, the environment, sugary soft drinks, anything really

Craziest idea: Eliminate public education and legalize crack
Check, although I’m not sure why it’s crazy. The government schools are doing so well, you see, and who cares if the criminalization of crack causes a lot of black people to be thrown in prison? Which brings me to:

Special attack: Soaring rhetoric
Yes. He might want to check out the meaning of the word “rhetoric,” though.

Secret weakness: memories of the parties they didn’t get invited to in college
Doesn’t work for me, at least. Now, if he had said “high school” . . .

HT to Paul Krugman.