1.  Will
Treasury bondholders run our government?

Follow-up questions:

a. Will they run it better than we did?

b. Do they run it already, as if by an invisible hand? I
often ask myself, WWBD? And then I ask whether that’s close to what we’re
doing.  For U.S. states, a good first

Inspired by Arnold Kling’s Econ Journal Watch essay on the long run fiscal situation.

2.  Do
waves and droughts of innovation partly drive short-run fluctuations?

and Smith
all offered commentary. 

3.  Why did
the stock market collapse occur weeks after the Lehman bankruptcy?

My partial explanation: Anticipated regime worsening, a guess that our politics and institutions were taking a turn for the worse.  Someday textual analysis of media chatter during
the Eight Days’ Descent (weekdays, 9/1-9/10) will test whether I was on to