Another bleg from the tireless Vipul Naik of Open Borders.  Vipul’s words:

What impact would open borders have on global IQ within a generation
or two?

Even hardcore IQ hereditarians concede some sort of Flynn effect and
the role of malnutrition in depressing African, and possibly Indian,
IQ. Open borders would correct this, and raise global IQ, IMO.

If the answer is that global IQ would rise, would the compositional/distributional effects of low IQ immigration to the
developed world be so bad as to make open borders a net global harm
from the innovation/economic prosperity perspective?

Restrictionists, including BK in Open Borders comments and others
on EconLog (quoted at
) have argued that the desegregation effects (with more low IQ people
entering the countries that would pursue technological frontier
innovation) will be a net minus for global innovation, economic
prosperity etc. despite the rise in global IQ, due to mechanisms like
crime, political externalities.

I am interested in a universalist analysis rather than a
citizenist/nationalist analysis, i.e., what would be the benefits and
costs for humanity as a whole.

Please show your work.