In the last Table of Contents for The Case Against Education, chapter two is “Useless Studies with Big Payoffs: The Puzzle Is Real.”  After writing this chapter for three months, I realized I had to split the discussion.  Now there will be a full chapter showing that students learn few job skills in school, followed by a separate chapter showing that the education premium, though sharply exaggerated my mainstream labor economists, is still quite high.

Other big change: I got so many positive reactions to the dialog chapter in Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids that I decided to end my education book the same way.

Here’s my full revised Table of Contents.  Comments welcome.



Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Magic
of Education

Chapter 2: The
Puzzle Is Real: The Ubiquity of Useless Education

Chapter 3: The
Puzzle Is Real: The Handsome Rewards of Useless Education

Chapter 4: Measuring

Chapter 5: Who
Cares If It’s Signaling?  The Private,
Familial, and Social Returns to Education

Chapter 6: Nourishing
Mother: Is Education Good for the Soul?

Chapter 7: The
White Elephant in the Room: We Need Far Less Education

Chapter 8: 1>0: We
Need More Vocational Education

Chapter 9: Four
Chats on Human Capital, Signaling, and Life Well-Lived

P.S. How long until I finish?  At the current pace, another two years.  I still have a lot to learn about my topic, and I’d rather take my time and do the job properly.