After getting various comments on my post about ending U.S. government aid to the Middle East, I asked Corinne Sauer if she would read the comments and give me her take. She has done so.

To recall, Corinne Sauer is co-founder and executive director of the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, a free-market think tank in Israel. She and her husband, Robert Sauer, who is co-founder and President at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, advocated ending all U.S. government aid to Israel, Egypt, and other countries in the Middle East.

Here is her response, which she has given me permission to post:

1) We are demanding a cut in US aid for all Middle Eastern countries and not just Israel. The cuts could be gradual and implemented over a period of 10 years for example (10% cut each year).
2) US military aid to Israel represents around 1.2% of Israel’s GDP which could easily be replaced by further growth in the local armament industry.
3) Russia and China never really stepped in to help Egypt or other countries in the region. I actually think that if U.S. aid was cut for all (including Israel), not only would Russia and China not “replace” U.S. aid to the Arab countries, but also they might cut their own programs.
4) We are in favor of having joint programs with the U.S., as equal partners, when both sides see a benefit.