I’m speaking this morning to the New Horizons Program at UAB–a lifelong education program for senior citizens–on immigration. My outline and bibliography are here. I’ll discuss jobs, wages, culture, crime–and the eugenic origins of immigration restrictions. I’m also going to discuss terrorism. Commenters on my earlier posts about statistics and terrorism point out–correctly, given the probabilities–that a randomly-drawn Muslim is probably far, far more likely to be a terrorist than a randomly-drawn non-Muslim, but this (again) expresses the ratio of a very tiny number to an even tinier number. Those who urge us to look upon Muslims skeptically because “they might be terrorists” are seriously over-estimating the risk of terrorism.

I’ll be showing Ben Powell’s LearnLiberty video “Top Three Myths About Immigration:”

I might also show my first LearnLiberty “Trade is Made of Win” video if there’s time: