Paul Krugman writes:

Cut through the noise and fog, and it is true that Democrats broadly want to redistribute income down, and Republicans want to redistribute income up

He gives zero evidence for either claim. Does he have any? I see almost all Democrat politicians and many, many Republicans as being into cronyism: that means that both advocating redistributing up.

It’s true that Democrats often want to expand food stamp and other welfare spending and that does mean redistributing down. Maybe that’s what he has in mind. But I don’t see Republican politicians as strongly against food stamps and other welfare spending.

On taxes, it’s also true that Democrats often want to tax higher-income people more and Republicans often want to tax them less. So that’s consistent with Krugman’s first claim but not his second. Opposing redistribution of income down is not the same as advocating redistributing up. If you have 10 sheep and I have one, and sometime tries to take one of yours and give it to me, a third person who opposes that is not advocating redistributing sheep up.

These are simple concepts, and it’s appalling that Krugman doesn’t make these simple distinctions. He should be sheepish.