I thought it best to honor the principles of liberty on Independence Day by reviewing a long defense of the idea that governments’ claims to political authority are indefensible. I’m finishing a review if Michael Huemer’s The Problem of Political Authority. I’m especially interested in his discussion of the social contract: he argues that theories of social contracts that justify government coercion fail.

For a few years, the bloggers at Let a Thousand Nations Bloom would call the week of Independence Day “Secession Week.” In this light, here are a few questions:

1. Is our “social contract” valid?

2. Six years ago, Bryan Caplan wrote that “it’s hard to see why American independence was worth a war.” Is Bryan right?

3. If political bonds were to dissolve, what would a new Declaration of Independence look like?

4. North Colorado. Baja Arizona. Jefferson. Seven (my comments here). Arnold Kling has written that “We Need 250 States.” Is he right? If so, how might we go about it?