Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds called attention to a case of media bias. One of his readers noted that Politico reporter Elizabeth Titus, in a piece on how there seem to be no scandals in Republican governor Scott Walker’s background, identified these politicians as follows:

Anthony Weiner: “The former congressman”
Rep. Chris Lee: “married New York Republican”
Mark Sanford: “The Republican”

Notice something? Reader Jeffrey Kirshner did. The one person whose party was not identified was Democrat Anthony Weiner. I’ve noticed that a lot. Republicans who do something scandalous are identified as Republicans. Democrats who do something scandalous apparently have no party affiliation.

I was planning to blog on this this morning but I always believe in going to the source to make sure. So I did. And I read the following in the Politico article:

In other words, it can’t measure up to Anthony Weiner. The former Democratic congressman’s errantly tweeted crotch photo and subsequent online antics cost him his House seat and a shot at being New York City mayor.

So what gives? I contacted Reynolds, pointing it out and writing:

This contradicts the claim of your reader Jeffrey Kirshner.

Reynolds replied within minutes:

I checked it before posting and it was as he said. They’ve edited.

I did notice something else interesting also. Ms. Titus writes:

No crotch shots. No mistress in Argentina. And no political vendettas featuring a bridge.
Scott Walker is one lucky guy.

So, in Ms. Titus’s view, Walker’s decisions not to take pictures of his crotch, not to have a mistress in Argentina, and not to carry on a political vendetta about a bridge are instances of luck. I do not think that word means what she thinks it means.