On a flight home from Las Vegas last night, I found the April 14 issue of Time magazine. I hadn’t read it in years. On the last page was a feature called “10 Questions.” They were 10 questions to “activist, atheist and best-selling author Barbara Ehrenreich.” Interestingly, they left out any mention, in their adjectives, of her political views. She’s quite far left.

So, given that I’m a big believer in economic freedom, you might think that I would disagree with her about her answer in income inequality, right? WRONG. I TOTALLY agreed with her.

Here was the question: “If I could give you one power, one wish, what would you do to lessen income inequality?”

Before I give her answer, stop and think what you would expect it to be. Guaranteed annual income financed by an increase in the top marginal federal income tax rate to 60 percent or higher? More welfare programs?

Seriously, think about it before you read her actual answer.

Here’s her actual answer:

Stop all the ways that money is being taken from the poor. I mean, you can just spiral down so fast into poverty. You have a broken headlight, you get stopped. That fine is going to be greater than the cost of a new headlight. You don’t have money to pay the fine, you’re looking at an arrest warrant–and down you go.

Think about that: the one most-important step Barbara Ehrenreich would take to lesson income inequality is to have the government stop hassling poor people.

I agree.