Paul Krugman writes:

the quality of insurance has gone up, too, because canceled policies were canceled because they offered little real protection.

Of course, as with much of what Paul writes about ObamaCare, he doesn’t back up this assertion.

So let me tell you a true story about a friend of my wife’s in coastal California. Her husband is a contractor and so they buy their own insurance. Their old insurance policy didn’t comply with the new ObamaCare rules and so they had to buy insurance through Covered California. Here’s a vent she recently posted on Facebook. (I have her permission to quote but not by name.)

Went to my doctor today for my annual exam. Here’s how my conversation went.
Receptionist: Mrs. X, I am sorry to inform you that the doctor is no longer taking Blue Cross/Covered CA.
ME: Oh really and why is that?
Receptionist:The doctors have not been able to negotiate a fee with Blue Cross. Blue Cross wants to pay less than what MediCal [MediCal is the name for California’s Medicare] pays the doctor. I’m sorry you will have to pay the out of network price.(Full Price)
ME: Then what do we have insurance for?
Receptionist: There are very few doctors that are taking insurance that was purchased under Covered CA . The doctors are not being paid fairly so they are choosing not to take Blue Cross.

Mrs. X adds that she doesn’t blame the doctors.

So I looked into it further and found out that this is not a cheap policy. Their children are grown and not on the parents’ insurance. For both of the adults, they pay a total of $886.94 a month, which is $10,643 a year.

One anecdote? Yes. But it’s not just about 2 people. It’s about a whole area, the area around Monterey. Note the receptionist’s statement: “There are very few doctors that are taking insurance that was purchased under Covered CA.”